About us

Through seeking the most unique statement pieces, and curating an eclectic mix of history, Gladding Goods takes our customers from collectors of stuff, to collectors of stories.

Gladding Goods is akin to an old general store where nostalgia hits you as you walk through the door, you're bound to find just about anything you never thought you needed, and the stories of times gone by are plentiful among the shoppers. We seek out the interesting and unique to provide an eclectic mix of goods, while offering a friendly and professional atmosphere to discover.

We believe treasure hunting should be fun! We are devoted to securing and sharing unique pieces of history in a playful and informative way. While we strive to find the perfect gem that has remained untouched for centuries, we value the imperfections in the treasures we find, as they hold the greatest stories. Gladding Goods believes that our customers should feel as if they are receiving a family heirloom that has been passed down for decades... repaired if needed... but never thrown away.